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The Hectic Vegan Magazine Issue 4
The Hectic Vegan

The Hectic Vegan Magazine Issue 4

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A physical copy of The Hectic Vegan Magazine Issue 4


  • VEGANS MEAN BUSINESS – Tim Barford looks at what's in store for vegan businesses and festivals in 2018.
  • CAUSE FOR CELEBRATION – For Prue's birthday she asked her friends to watch a movie about animal exploitation.
  • TIME FOR A TREAT – A selection of our favourite vegan products for those cold nights in.
  • STARTING THE JOURNEY – Margaret Gambardella tells us what she wishes she knew at the start of her vegan journey.
  • VEGAN CREATIVITY – Does a plant-based diet increase your creativity? Absolutely, says Jo Hodson.
  • BEST NUTRITION QUEST – How to be a healthy vegan with nutritionist Ruby Berridge.
  • CITY GUIDE: MOREISH MANCHESTER – Vegan Olive is spoilt for choice in the vegan utopia that is Manchester, here she gives us a tour of her favourite spots.
  • GREEN GUARDIANSHIP – Kate Berridge tells us why we must remember our connection to the Earth.
  • DROP THE SCARE TACTICS – Angry vegans are wasting one of the biggest opportunities says Toby Channon.
  • AUTUMN COLOURS – Nicole shows us a selection of beauty products perfect for the autumn season.
  • THE TRIALS OF A VEGAN HORSE GUARDIAN – Can you be vegan and ride horses? Jane Antcliff-Wilson gives her views on living with these amazing and magical beings.
  • A PASSION FOR BUSINESS – Entrepreneur Giles Cooper gives us some pointers for setting up a vegan business.
  • ESSENTIAL AMINOS – “But what about protein?” Essential Aminos is where we should be looking says Chris Deojee.
  • BADGERED TO DEATH – Justin Kerswell tells us why the only ethical response to the “cull” is to dump dairy.
  • MY VEGAN STORY – Alida Gulamhussein tells us why she went vegan and how it started with yoga.
  • REVIEWS – A review of Graham Burnett's book on permaculture.
  • Plus more reviews, recipes, and more!